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I have a passion for academic research and have written numerous research papers at a postgraduate level. I am specialised in world national cinemas and have a passion for understanding and analysing in depth the relationship between culture and cinema.


Mother of Dragons and female Machiavellian: an analysis of Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones: fairy tales, adventure, Arthurian legends, medieval romance, melodrama and historical fiction. An exploration of how this hybrid genre gave rise for the possibility of a female fantasy hero and what the rules are for acquiring power.


Issues of representation: ethnicity and gender in The Get Down

An analysis of contemporary representations of masculinity and placing female characters in a men's role to provoke a thought experiment: exploring boundaries on the screen.


Time and Greed in Wim Wender's Faraway, So Close!

A modern exploration of Wenders' work, suggesting links with angelology, spirituality, and German history. An analysis of time and timelessness and how this film changes our perception of our place in society today.


America’s struggle over identity: The Warriors Moral Code 

A modern analysis of Ridley Scott's epic Gladiator, analysing the links between the American Dream and the contemporary Hollywood propaganda machine. 


Revenge in Wild Tales
An eye for an eye... A philosophical and psychological reading of Szifron's contemporary Argentinian production analysing the public's thirst for revenge and what this means for our society today...


Habitus and multiculturalism in contemporary France

A comparison of Cantet's Entre Les Murs and Kechiche's L'Esquive, how multiculturalism is dealt with in French schools and society. The formation of cultural identities and the power of a shifting language.


Christian Petzold's Barbara, and how contemporary German cinema is changing Germany's cultural identity by creating a different memory of East German past.


Francofonia: An elegy for Europe

An analysis of Sokurov's film, intersections of Russian and European culture, the creation of the museum film.


City of God: social war or stigma

A socio-political reading of Mereilles' City of God, an ode to social cinema and an analysis of its effects.

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